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All About Printing
You can design a beautiful piece but unless you have an understanding of how the printing process works and printing requirements, it won't look its best. This section can serves as a helpful guide for everything you need to know about the full color (CMYK) and spot color printing of catalogs, brochures, books, business cards, posters, postcards and a whole lot more.
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Woman with rainbow colored paperPrinting with Color
CMYK/Process Color
     • Spot or PMS Color
     • How Many Colors Should I Use?
     • Does the Paper Color Count as a Color?
     • Paper Color Considerations

Papers & Envelopes
     • Coated vs Uncoated Papers
     • Envelope Sizes
     • Paper Considerations
     • Paper Stock Color
     • Paper Weight

Methods of Printing
     • Should I Print or Photocopy?
     • Direct-to-Plate/ Digital printing
     • Engraving and Thermography
     • Flexography
     • Gravure/Rotogravure Printing
     • Letterpress Printing
     • Offset Lithography
     • Screen/Silkscreen Printing
     • Web Press Printing

Talking to Your Printer
     • Keeping Printing Costs Down
     • Planning Your Print Project   *NEW*
     • Should I Print or Photocopy My Project?
     • What Should I Ask My Printer?
     • What Should I Tell My Printer?

Printing Terms
     • Duotones & Tritones
     • Halftones & Linescreens
     • Moire Patterns
     • Picas & Points
     • Spreads and Signatures
     • Fraction Equivalents

Finishing Your Printing Job
     • Bindery Methods
     • Varnishes



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